2019 Newsletter – Volume 1

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“From September 13 through 15, co-teachers and husband-and-wife Jeanine Mamary and Bob Ball return to Guest House for another weekend retreat. “On Being in Relationship” looks not only at couples, but explores the ways we can deepen any relationship—mother-daughter, employee-boss, brother-sister, etc.—and helps us see how we can use our relationships as tools for growth and development. It is about … Read More

2018 Newsletter – Volume 2

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“It’s been an amazing year at Guest House, as we celebrated our 10th anniversary! We commemorated this milestone with joy, gratitude and ritual. We’re happy as kids who just learned to ride a bicycle, and we’re looking at our beloved founder Alia Johnson, and saying, “Look! No hands!” Except, of course, that there have been many hands that helped us … Read More

2018 Newsletter – Volume 1

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“Long before Guest House opened its doors in April of 2008, Alia Johnson, who was there in the early years of the Diamond Approach in Berkeley alongside its founder, Hameed Ali, had a dream of establishing a Northeast home for the Diamond Approach®. With the help of generous and devoted fellow DA teachers and students—not just on the East Coast … Read More

2017 Newsletter – Volume 2

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“This coming April 15th, Guest House celebrates a milestone: our 10th anniversary! A lot has happened since we took possession of the building April 28, 2008 (see GH History: Part 3, page 5). There have been moments along the way where we thought we’d never make it. But here we are—vibrant, beautiful, nurturing, professionally staffed and hosting some 3,000 guests … Read More

Spring Newsletter 2017

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“We asked Rich Kerrigan, our Facilities Director, about the inside scoop on our recently qualifying as a Connecticut State-certified Green Lodging. Rich spearheaded the yearlong campaign. As an environmental engineer and consultant for 25 years before coming to Guest House, he has helped many facilities with a wide variety of compliance issues. “Obtaining compliance with all of our permits, instituting … Read More

Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016

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“Between 1,000 and 2,000 years before Guest House was established, this area of Connecticut was populated by Paleo-Indians. The indigenous people of south central Connecticut, the Wangunk, who were of Eastern Algonquin descent, respected and revered the land, calling the area Pattaconk and venerating Manitou, the Great Spirit found in all living things and in the forces of nature. The … Read More

Summer Newsletter 2016

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“Guest House recently hosted the Posse Foundation, which selects students who exhibit extraordinary academic and leadership potential, but who may be overlooked by the traditional college admissions process. They’re placed in supportive, diverse teams of 10 students (“Posses”), and each posse is then sent to one of 55 partner colleges and universities with four-year, full tuition leadership scholarships. We spoke … Read More

Spring Newsletter 2016

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“The weekend after Labor Day, Diamond Approach teachers Bob Ball and Jeanine Mamary will present On Being Human, an in-house program open to the public that will also raise funds for Guest House. Standard room and board rates will still apply, but Bob and Jeanine are kindly offering tuition for the teachings on a donation basis, with proceeds beneftting our … Read More

Winter Newsletter 2015

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“Riding on the success of our first two webinars in 2015, we are excited to announce that we are finalizing plans for “The Inner Flow of the Enneagram,” a three-part webinar presented by Diamond Approach® teacher Sandra Maitri for Guest House, which will be held this spring. This will be Maitri’s second Guest House webinar, following her highly attended online … Read More

Fall Newsletter 2015

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“Based on the success of our first Webinar with Sandra Maitri — which dealt with inquiry through the head, heart and belly centers—Guest House is proud to present a new interactive two-part Webinar that will be led by author and Diamond Approach® teacher Sherry Ruth Anderson. ‘Ripening Time: the Fruits of Conscious Aging,’ will be comprised of two, two-and-a-half hour … Read More