Winter Newsletter 2015

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“Riding on the success of our first two webinars in 2015, we are excited to announce that we are finalizing plans for “The Inner Flow of the Enneagram,” a three-part webinar presented by Diamond Approach® teacher Sandra Maitri for Guest House, which will be held this spring. This will be Maitri’s second Guest House webinar, following her highly attended online … Read More

Fall Newsletter 2015

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“Based on the success of our first Webinar with Sandra Maitri — which dealt with inquiry through the head, heart and belly centers—Guest House is proud to present a new interactive two-part Webinar that will be led by author and Diamond Approach® teacher Sherry Ruth Anderson. ‘Ripening Time: the Fruits of Conscious Aging,’ will be comprised of two, two-and-a-half hour … Read More

Summer Newsletter 2015

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“This summer and fall, Guest House and the Enneagram Institute (EI) offer spiritual seekers the chance to dive deeply into the wisdom of the Enneagram. Concentrated Enneagram work starts next month with the ‘Inner Work Retreat,’ which will be taught be Enneagram scholar Russ Hudson. The retreat, which runs from July 5 through 10, is the initial in a three-part … Read More

Spring Newsletter 2015

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“Guest House will function as a temporary home for the internationally recognized Enneagram Institute (EI) in 2015. While we are thrilled to host them, the circumstances that led them to our doorstep are devastating, both to the Institute and for the many Diamond Approach students who have also gone through Enneagram trainings and workshops at the EI’s facility in the … Read More

Winter Newsletter 2014

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“Meet Guest House Retreat & Conference Center’s new executive director, Saralyn Kerrigan! Saralyn went right to the top of the pile of very impressive resumés the board of directors reviewed during the selection process. Evidently she felt very positive about us from the get-go too. ‘When I saw the position advertised, my heart leapt,’ she remembers. ‘I had been looking, … Read More

Summer Newsletter 2014

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“Guest House is very excited to announce a new venture: Webinars! Our initial foray into this field will be an online program dedicated to inquiry, the central practice of the Diamond Approach, which will be led by longtime Diamond Approach teacher Sandra Maitri. The three-part Webinar, called ‘Getting More from Inquiry: How Head, Heart and Belly Centers Can Help Sharpen … Read More

Spring Newsletter 2014

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“From March 6th through 9th, Guest House hosted Diamond Approach teachers John Davis and Rosanne Annoni, who led a four-day retreat called Being Here: An Exploration Into Essential Value. The retreat served as an introduction to the Diamond Approach and specifically Diamond Heart Retreat Group 5. This longterm international Diamond Approach retreat group will meet twice a year for eight … Read More

Summer Newsletter 2013

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“This year, Guest House celebrates its fifth anniversary! To commemorate this momentous occasion, our executive director, Steve Kennedy, had the sublime idea of constructing a labyrinth. For centuries, labyrinths have played various symbolic roles in many civilizations, cultures and spiritual paths. They appeared on seals and amulets in ancient Egypt, on the currency of Knossos at Crete, as graffiti in … Read More

Spring Newsletter 2013

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“Zen master Glassman is co-author, with actor Jeff Bridges, of New York Times bestseller The Dude and the Zen Master (Penguin). He founded Greyston Mandala, a network of for-profits and non-profits working to improve the lives of individuals and the larger inner-city community of Yonkers, New York. He also founded Zen Peacemakers for Zen practitioners dedicated to peace and social … Read More

Spring Newsletter 2012

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“In a June 2011 strategic planning retreat, the Ten Directions board of directors reached consensus about its long-term objectives for Guest House. In the months that followed, we finalized mission and vision statements, and in March we approved a new logo. A mission statement explains the reason that an organization exists. Our new mission statement: We create opportunities for transformational … Read More