Cuisine & Dining Services at Guest House

  • Three healthy, expertly prepared meals per day
  • Many menu items are made from scratch using fresh ingredients
  • Much of our menu is tailored to accommodate many common allergies, such as gluten and lactose intolerance
  • All-day beverage service available in dining room: coffee, tea, water
  • Deluxe snack and beverage service available for an additional charge
  • Read Sample Menus

Tom’s kitchen begins with fresh, whole foods, and then design dishes and menus that incorporate their natural flavors. In contrast to much of modern cooking, we don’t hide poor quality ingredients under the masks of heavy sauces, artificial flavors and added sugars.

Even when cooking for a large group, Executive Chef Tom Oates ensures that each individual’s meal is delicious and delightful. Guest House menus are creative and imaginative and our meals are always healthy and satisfying. Every meal offers variety, and vegetarian options are available by request. For an additional charge, we can accommodate groups who prefer entirely vegetarian meals.

Since Tom works to obtain the highest quality meat and produce available, his kitchen staff knows that clean, simple preparations will yield gourmet results. We also believe that the health of our bodies and the environment is always connected. All coffee is UTZ Certified. All salad dressings are made from scratch.

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We serve a large spread at breakfast that provides a good mix of proteins, fruits, grains, and dairy products. Eggs are served in some form every day. A few sample breakfast entrées are:

  • scrambled eggs w/tomatoes, spinach and feta
  • banana bread french toast
  • scallion egg bake
  • Belgian waffles w/warm strawberries

Other breakfast items we serve:

  • pork, turkey, or veggie sausages
  • apple & cinnamon raisin scones
  • banana chocolate chip muffins
  • applewood smoked bacon (turkey bacon by request)
  • sweet potato home fries

In addition, with every breakfast we serve:

  • fresh sliced and whole fruit
  • orange juice and cranberry juice
  • cottage cheese, plain & greek fat free yogurts
  • assortment of breads, including gluten-free options
  • Assortment of spreads, including jams and preserves, soy nut and organic peanut butter, and more
  • Homemade granola and a variety of popular cereals with whole milk, soy milk, almond milk, lactose-free milk


Lunches include a wide variety of items with one or two entrées with sides, vegetable crudités, garden salad, and breads. Some recent lunch entrées:

  • chicken caesar salads
  • turkey cranberry salad
  • chicken tikka masala w/jasmine rice & garlic naan chips
  • turkey or beef chili
  • homestyle pizzas: cheese, pepperoni, veggie, or Hawaiian
  • hamburgers, turkey burgers, or veggie burgers
  • pork, beef, and chicken taco bar
  • Some vegetarian options: tofu taco bar, veggie chili, pan-seared tempeh

All soups are made from scratch, and most are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Some recent examples:

  • corn chowder
  • tomato artichoke bisque
  • spinach & white bean
  • vegan split pea

Several of our delicious sides can serve as additional protein for discerning vegetarians:

  • Asian sesame slaw
  • Moroccan three bean salad
  • gluten-free cornbread
  • carrot pineapple salad w/lemon ginger dressing
  • chickpea salad, edamame salad
  • fruit & nut quinoa
  • cucumber dill salad

Sample desserts served at lunchtime: chocolate coconut haystacks, lemon pistachio cookies, heath bar brownies, and snickerdoodles.


Dinner includes a meat or fish entrée nicely complemented by two side dishes, garden salad and bread. Some recent dinner entrées:

  • lemon pepper cod w/zucchini stuffing
  • coconut chicken
  • BBQ rubbed pork loin
  • blackened salmon w/pineapple mango cilantro salsa
  • Some vegetarian options: stuffed peppers w/tofu & rice, chickpea stew, curried lentil stew, orange tofu stir-fry

Our dinner side dishes include:

  • brown or jasmine rice w/sautéed vegetables
  • seasoned broccoli, oven roasted cauliflower
  • roasted red potatoes w/rosemary & thyme
  • sautéed seasonal vegetables

Sample desserts served with dinner: apple crisp w/fresh cream, s’mores trifle, apple compote w/fresh cream, ice cream sundaes & sorbet, and cream cheese pumpkin roll.

Standard beverage & snack service

Beverages and snacks are available 24/7 in our dining room. Included are:

  • “Good Origin” coffee, UTZ Certified
  • numerous coffee creamers: half & half, whole milk, almond milk, soy milk, lactose-free milk
  • lemonade, home-brewed iced tea, and ice water
  • wide assortment of teas (black, green, flavored, herbal, and decaffeinated)
  • seasonal whole fruit


Deluxe snack services

Our deluxe snack services are available for a nominal fee. They are available at your meeting room, or in the dining room. Examples include:

Breakfast snacks

  • pastries, muffins, danish platters
  • fresh whole fruit baskets
  • coffee & tea service

Afternoon snacks

  • cookie & dessert Trays
  • vegetable crudités w/dipping sauce
  • cheese, cracker & sliced fruit platters

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