On Being in Relationship

On Being in Relationship

retreat weekend with Bob Ball & Jeanine Mamary

September 13 – 15, 2019

Room & Board: $295-$430
Commuter: $155
Tuition: Pay what you can afford; $250 suggested

Registration is open to everyone, not just DA students. Single and triple rooms are very limited, so register soon to ensure your spot!

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What gets in the way of having a rich and rewarding relationship with your boss, your partner, your sibling, even your best friend? Why can we feel at times that we are not seen by the other, or that we want more from our interactions with those people? Many things might be at work: instinctual drives, psychological structures, history and conditioning, habitual tendencies and various personal limitations. Exploring these obstacles and understanding the various elements manifesting in any relational field naturally brings more freedom for us to authentically be ourselves, and to be together in a real way.

What is more, the dynamism of an interactive relational field has the power to reveal deeper and deeper dimensions of reality. The mutuality of our desire to know the truth brings momentum to the process of opening to each other and to ourselves. Our personal interactions can be challenging at times, often revealing unconscious patterns and structures that keep us separate. But those very discoveries can also be a doorway to illuminating our growing edges as conscious beings and provide us with opportunities for self-understanding and essential development.

Learning to engage in our various relationships mindfully and with an open heart, while remaining grounded in the truth, becomes a path towards genuine contact, deeper connectivity, and greater capacity to truly relate as human beings. You are invited to attend by yourself or bring a friend, a sibling, a lover—anyone interested in exploring the possibilities you both have to enjoy a more profound and meaningful relationship.

On Being in Relationship


The weekend retreat consists of five meetings, each including meditation, teacher presentations, personal inquiries, interactions with group participants, and opportunities for discussion, questions and group sharing.

Cost Breakdown

Your cost for the two nights is broken down into two parts: Room & Board and tuition.

Room & Board:

  • $430 for private “single” room
  • $335 for shared “double” room (one roommate)
  • $295 for shared “triple” room (two roommates)
  • $155 for commuters (staying offsite)

All are sold per person, as package deals, and include 6 meals, from Friday dinner through Sunday dinner. Discounts are not given for missed meals.

Tuition: Pay what you can afford. The suggested tuition for this retreat is $250. Consider paying more than the $250, and your generosity will go toward compensating those who need to pay less. Early registration discounts (no longer available) cannot be combined with tuitions less than the suggested amount.

Early Arrivals: We welcome you to arrive early and register for additional night before the retreat begins. Registration is $140 and includes three meals, from dinner on Thursday through lunch on Friday. If you will be arriving late on Thursday evening, let us know on your registration form and we will prepare a boxed dinner.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelled registrations are refundable up until check-in on September 13, 2019, less a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee varies based on timing:

  • Before August 30, 2019: $50 fee
  • On August 30, 2019 through September 13, 2019: $100 fee
  • After check-in: no refunds for any reason

In order to request a refund, send an email to info@guesthousecenter.org

Registration Close Date

Registration is open until August 30, 2019. No registrations will be accepted on or after August 31, 2019.

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On Being in RelationshipOn Being in Relationship

About the Teachers

Jeanine Mamary and Bob Ball are longtime Ridhwan teachers, current directors of the Ridhwan European teacher-training programs, and serve on the leadership council of the Ridhwan School, home of the Diamond Approach®. Besides being colleagues and teaching frequently with each other in the U.S. and Europe, they are married and enjoy their home life in Leland, MI.

On Being in Relationship


Thursday, Sep 12
3:00 pm – Early arrival check-in begins

Friday, Sep 13
3:00 pm – Retreat check-in begins
6:00 pm – Arrival dinner
TBD pm – Session

Saturday, Sep 14
8:00 am – Breakfast
TBD am – Session
12:30 pm – Lunch
TBD pm – Session
6:00 pm – Dinner
TBD pm – Session

Sunday, Sep 15
8:00 am – Breakfast
TBD am – Session
12:30 pm – Lunch