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Guest House Legacy Circle

How to create your Legacy for Guest House

We all know the special nurturing space Guest House provides to hold and enhance our work. With financial help and acts of service, the Guest House family – you, our guests, our staff, the leadership and board – has demonstrated sincere belief in the vision of Guest House, and an indestructible hope that it will continue to support transformational work for many years to come. What more can be done to realize that mission? Make a legacy gift to Guest House!

The GH Legacy Circle was started five years ago to address this commitment and encourage those who love Guest House to provide for her to grow and thrive in the future. This is done by including Guest House in your estate plans now that will ensure your legacy for GH after you have left this earth.

We understand that many of you cannot afford to reduce your current income or assets now to make a larger, or perhaps any, gift to Guest House. That is the beauty of a legacy gift, no matter the sum. It expresses your appreciation in this lifetime without any financial burden, while at the same time ensuring the mission of Guest House serves will live on after we are no longer here.

It’s easy. There are three simple ways to make a legacy gift from your estate now that will be paid when your soul moves on.

1) Name GH as a beneficiary in your will
Add GH as a beneficiary in a new will or through an amendment to your existing will. You can list the gift to GH as a percent of the remaining assets after other designated donations, or as a fixed amount.

2) Name GH as a beneficiary in your IRA or other retirement plans
Contact the administrator of your retirement plan and add GH as a percent of the IRA assets, or as a fixed amount. There is a tax advantage to designating a gift from your IRA or other retirement plans: a gift from your IRA will qualify for a deduction to income and inheritance taxes. This way your heirs can inherit more.

3) Name GH as a beneficiary of your savings account and/or life insurance plan
This, too, can be stated as a percentage or a specific amount.

You will need the Guest House name, address and tax ID number:
Ten Directions, Inc. dba Guest House Retreat & Conference Center
318 West Main Street, Chester, CT 06412
Tax ID: 20-3692127

There are other more complex ways to include GH in your estate planning. We recommend you consult your attorney or accountant for other options. Thank you!

Please see our FAQ for further information, or simply contact or

If you have already named Guest House in your estate plans, or plan to, please fill out this form and send it back to us.

We will keep your legacy gift anonymous if you wish.

Thank you!

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