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Summer Newsletter 2013

“This year, Guest House celebrates its fifth anniversary! To commemorate this momentous occasion, our executive director, Steve Kennedy, had the sublime idea of constructing a labyrinth. For centuries, labyrinths have played various symbolic roles in many civilizations, cultures and spiritual paths. They appeared on seals and amulets in ancient Egypt, on the currency of Knossos at Crete, as graffiti in Pompeii and in Christian churches (notably the cathedral at Chartres). Their significance has been manifold and complex, but they were often believed to conceal and protect a divine secret or being. The winding path to the heart of the labyrinth frequently represented a personal journey that brought one closer to self-knowledge and to God.

‘Nature is a labyrinth in which the very haste you move with will make you lose your way,’ said the English philosopher Francis Bacon (1561-1626). In this spirit…”

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