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About Personal Retreats

Guest House is very pleased to open our doors to provide a place of refuge where individuals can withdraw from their daily lives and refresh themselves. Accommodations are comfortable and quiet, surrounded by nature with walking trails and space to breathe, rest, and meditate. We wish to share our supportive space with those who would like to deepen their practices.

A retreat serves the body, mind and spirit by allowing time to find greater inner peace. This is why it is vital to escape from the world’s bombardment of sounds and images and take time for the mind and heart to come to stillness. Retreats are an opportunity for quiet contemplation, transformation, and creative outflow. Sit in our Adirondack chairs by our pond and watch the frogs jump.

Why Retreat?

People go on retreat for a number of reasons that generally focus on personal change, transformation, and growth:

  • Reconnect to your depth, your inner nature, your true self
  • Practice self-inquiry: ask yourself difficult questions, confront long-held beliefs
  • Relax on a deep level, allow tensions to drop and rest, and experience tranquility, quietude, and calm
  • Take time for reflection, contemplate a serious or difficult decision, or gain clarity on an issue or your life path
  • Explore and study a field or subject, practice your art and express your creativity
  • Make space and find meaning in your life beyond daily or material concerns

Personal Retreat through Airbnb

Personal retreat availability in the main center is limited by our wider retreat calendar. To help enable more folks to be on personal retreat we have converted a section of the property into an Airbnb. Click through below to learn more and book today!

Types of Retreats

Retreats vary as widely as the people who go on retreat. The purpose of the retreat can be contemplative, and may include the religious, philosophical, scientific, ecological and/or psychological traditions of the East or West. This would include retreats dedicated to:

  • Meditation, inquiry, yoga or other practices
  • For spiritual renewal, fasting, or contemplation
  • Artistic creation, practice, and expression
  • Academic or spiritual study and reading

Take a break from your busy life and reconnect with your soul. Journal, read, relax in our sauna, take a long afternoon nap, walk around Lake Pattaconk. Make your own schedule and watch the sunset from Cedar Lake or from Hammonasset State Beach on the Long Island Sound, and spend days exploring the Cockaponset and Chatfield Hollow State Forests. Sit in our Adirondack chairs and marvel at the awesome night sky from our deck, the peeper frogs from our pond providing a soundtrack to your evening, or simply do nothing at all but sip tea and enjoy the solitude and tranquility.

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