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  • Living Freedom: Discovering the Relationship Between Personal and Collective Transformation

  • With Acharya Adam Lobel — Shambhala Teacher And Adam Fuller — Guest House Program Director

  • November 16 – 19, 2012

  • Program Description:

    What if we could wake up out of the negativity and frustration of our political and economic context in the same way we awaken to greater self-awareness and fuller being? The possibility exists to harness the power of our practices and paths to effect change and re-shape the world.

    This program will examine both the influences of existing paradigms on our spiritual development, as well as the way we can affect those paradigms by being more present and aware.

    In this program, we will examine these questions to discover how our practices, our paths and our selves are shaped by the world in which we live. Then we will explore how our practices can be used to engage with and shape the world around us.

    Our exploration will include the following questions:

    • How do we personally relate to our knowledge about the political and economic realms?
    • Can we extend our inquiry and practices beyond our personal lives and use them to examine social, political and economic paradigms?
    • Can we wake up out of social paradigms in the same way we can wake up out of mental or emotional patterns?
    • Is collective action and systemic change even possible without individual transformation?
    • How much are our teachings and practices consciously or unconsciously shaped by economic and political realities?
    • Can we, as a group, create new practices to bring our individual work to bear on social, political and economic paradigms?
  • “Living Freedom” is designed as an open, experimental and experiential dialogue, not a didactic teaching. We will use practices and techniques—such as meditation and inquiry—from the facilitators’ personal experience in Shambhala and the Diamond Approach. Participants will also be asked to join an exploratory conference call before the program to begin our conversation.

  • About the Facilitators:

    Acharya Adam Lobel is a teacher in the Shambhala tradition, a Buddhist minister, and a scholar of philosophy and religion. He was co-editor of the Sakyong’s book Turning the Mind into an Ally. He is also the Acharya for the Mipham Academy, an advanced, annual intensive for Buddhist philosophical and contemplative studies at Karme Choling, Vermont. In addition to his international teaching schedule, Adam is a doctoral candidate at Harvard University, where his research focuses on philosophy, phenomenology, meditation and the Great Perfection tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and son.

  • Adam Lobel and Adam Fuller met in 2001 and have been engaged in a 10-year dialogue about political, economic, philosophical, and spiritual life.

    Adam Fuller is the former Executive Director of Guest House, and now serves as Program Director, working to develop programs that promote creative dialogue between spiritual and religious traditions and other, modern modes of knowing. In 2009 he helped establish and teach the Meditation in the World program at Guest House. Previously, Adam was an adjunct professor of journalism at New York University, teaching writing, media history and First Amendment law. He lives near Seattle, WA with his wife and two children.

  • Retreat Schedule:

    Friday, November 16:
    Check-In: 3-6 pm; Dinner: 6-7 pm; Evening Meeting: 7-9:30 pm

    Saturday & Sunday, November 17-18:
    Meditation: 7:30-8 am; Breakfast: 8-9 am; Morning Meeting: 9 am to
    noon; Lunch: noon-1 pm; Afternoon meeting: 2 pm to 4 pm; Dinner: 6-7
    pm; Evening meeting: 7-9:30 pm

    Monday, November 19:
    Meditation: 7:30-8 am; Breakfast, 8-9 am; Morning Meeting: 9 am to
    noon; Lunch: noon-1 pm. Departure.

    Retreat Costs:

    Private room and meals:
    $750 per person
    Please inquire about availability of single rooms.

    Double room and meals:
    $575 per person

    Triple room and meals:
    $525 per person

    Commuter Rate:
    $450 per person (includes all meals and access to facility, but no overnight accommodations)

    Payment in full must accompany registration in order to reserve a space in the program.


    Some scholarship assistance will be available for this retreat. Click here for more information.

    For more information, and to register:

    o Click here to register for this program.

    o E-mail us or call 860-322-5770, extension 154.