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I thought this would just be a ‘space’ we would use. This felt like we were guests in someone’s home. The food was prepared with love and care, the rooms decorated as if real people live in them. It was amazing.
Kristin LaTour
Frost Poetry Alumni
The quality of the service and presence there was an enormous support for the work we were doing.
Russ Hudson
The Enneagram Institute
The staff completely respected the tenor of our retreat. They were everywhere preparing, cleaning, etc and you never knew it.
Margaret Gallagher
Hoffman Student
The variety of spaces available to us was wonderful—from the big tree under which we gathered for lunch to the tavern where we sang together until late last night, to the practice rooms and large meeting room (whose lofty ceiling invites our sense of spaciousness and freedom.) Thank you—the fact that this is a center operated by a group of spiritual seekers infuses each of these.
Deb Sprags
A Society of Souls

Recent Comments from Guest Satisfaction Surveys

“You and the Guest House are gracious & welcoming.”
“You were as always, AMAZING!”
“Lovely & Perfect! Thank you all so very much!”
“High Safe Quality”
“Perfect! Thank you for the lovely accommodation!” – Barbara
“Everyone was helpful & friendly” I always enjoy being here!” – Kelly
“Always – the warm welcome by ‘all’ staff persons!”
“Truly, this is a Guest House and while I was here I felt I was home!”
“Special thanks to the hospitable staff in the dining room…every meal scrumptious! Thanks Travis, Alan, Tony, & Maureen (sorry if I left out some names) Blessings!”
“Saralyn…thank you for taking a moment to GREET me…xoxo” – Sandra
“An abundance of gratitude to the Guest House Staff! You’re all awesome! Thank you 🙂 ” – Marlene
“Fabulous food & wonderful atmosphere”
“Everything was perfect – setting, welcome, ambiance, quiet spaces, attentive and gracious staff everywhere and at all times. An ideal home for retreats – peaceful and inviting and healing in every way.” – Karen
“Loved the meals, loved the tea service”
“In every way, each one of you was so lovely and so helpful.” – Rikki
“The kitchen was so attentive and they made sure to always make sure we were all fed.”
“I loved being here, you guys really make us feel welcome and attend to our every need so helpfully and willfully.” – Erin
“Everyone was super friendly, helpful, and kind. Dining staff made the stay amazing! Abundance of flavors and food!”
“Thank you so much for providing food for me I could eat and not making it a big deal. It made my time here so much more comfortable and relaxed. I LOVED THE fish. If you write a cookbook I’d buy it. The food was amazing.” – Becky
“Everything was so nice. Felt at home. The food was AMAZING. Thank you <3” – Elena
“Food was outstanding!” – Gabriela
“Staff was amazing. Easy access to facility/parking.” – Linda
“The facility was completely set up to support our stay. Extremely pleasant and wonderful. Keep up the excellent work!” – Barney
“Gracious support. Welcoming 24hr available water, tea, and juice. Loved the small touches and art work” J. Choi
“Nourishing space, nourishing food, nourishing grounds! Incredible.” – Caroline
“Except for the food service – everything was kept up invisibly, allowing our group to have very deep experience without interruptions.” – Dexter

Guest House Retreat Center