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Guest House Safety Protocols for COVID-19

The health and safety of our guests and staff are of paramount importance to us and we will follow the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the State of Connecticut, OSHA and the CDC.

Guest House Covid-19 Safety Policy

Effective through November 30, 2023

This interim policy will be reviewed periodically going forward to keep up with new guidance and guest concerns/interest.

Vaccination and the most updated booster vaccines available carry the strongest possible recommendation from Guest House, but are not required for guests or staff.

Guest House recommends that all guests test* negative before arrival. If a guest tests positive before arrival, they must not come to Guest House. If a guest develops cold-like symptoms or tests positive during their stay, they will be supported to return home.

Guest House recommends that all guests avoid large crowds and events in the week before their arrival, and wear a well-fitting N95 mask during any public travel.

Mask wearing is recommended when any individuals are sharing indoor space, but it is not required for guests or staff. Please consult your doctor if you are concerned about the need to mask in a public space.

Guest House will minimize exposure between groups by staggering mealtimes if possible, when requested.

Some events held at Guest House may have stricter Covid safety guidelines than this policy, please refer to your groups guidelines prior to attendance as stricter policy takes precedence.

All Staff must:

  • Show proof of vaccination status to HR or submit to regular testing.
  • Keep a stock of Covid-19 tests at home. Guest House will provide or reimburse for tests, if free tests are not available or health insurance will not provide them.

Staff that have been exposed to Covid must follow the CDC guidelines:

“Exposed” means if you spent a total of 15 minutes in a 24 hour period in less than 6 feet of distance in the past 10 days with someone who has tested positive for Covid.

    • Staff must wear a mask for 10 days, as they may be infected and contagious before symptoms manifest.
    • Staff must test* 6 days after exposure.
      • If the test positive or if symptoms develop, see below section.
      • If the test is negative and no symptoms have developed after 10 days, masking can discontinue.

Staff that do not pass the daily health self-assessment (e.g. showing cold- or flu-like symptoms) must:

  • Not report to work (or return home); and,
  • Immediately notify their supervisor/manager and the Executive Director; and,
  • Take a Covid-19 test* as soon as possible and stay home until results are received. Send results to your supervisor/manager.†
    • If the initial test is negative, the employee needs to stay home and take a second test within 12-24 hours after the first.
    • If this second test is negative, the employee may return to work if feeling well enough and symptoms are controlled by medication. Upon return to work a mask must be worn at all times, employee must social distance, including at meal times, until symptoms fully resolve.
    • If the initial test is positive, the employee may return to work no sooner than 5 days after the initial onset of their symptoms.
      • After 5 days, if the employee is:
        • fever-free
        • their other symptoms are improving,
        • and any remaining symptoms are controlled by medication,
      • Then, and only then, the employee may return to work. Upon return to work a mask must be worn at all times, employee must social distance, including at meal times for the next 5 days or until symptoms fully resolve.

*Covid-19 Test is defined as either:

  • A PCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival at Guest House; or,
  • A two-tiered antigen test: one test taken 48hrs before departure to Guest House, and another test taken immediately before departure to Guest House.

Requiring testing for contagious disease in the workplace is allowed by law. Sharing the results with your supervisor is not protected by HIPAA laws as they only apply to healthcare providers and healthcare plans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Covid-19 Vaccination required to retreat at Guest House?

Vaccination carries the strongest possible recommendation from Guest House, but it is not mandated for guests.

Is there a pre-arrival health screening for guests?

Yes, all guests are required to complete our online check-in form with electronic signature no sooner than 24 hours before arriving on site. This includes a health assessment, a general liability waiver, and safety agreement.

Are your staff required to conduct daily health screenings?

Yes, all our staff are required to do a self-assessment daily before coming to work. Staff are also following strict hygiene protocols.

Are there Travel Restrictions?

There are currently no travel restrictions in place in CT. However, we strongly urge all guests to review the guidance available from CT before coming to Guest House.

Can I visit the front desk for help? Is the gift store and fitness center open?

Yes, all our Guest Services are open as usual.

Can I share a room with someone?

Yes, shared rooms are available as usual. Please consult your group’s coordinator for specifics on room assignments.

Do bedrooms and meeting spaces have fresh air access?

Yes, all of our guest bedrooms, meeting rooms and dining rooms have windows or doors with screens that may be opened to bring fresh air in. As this is potentially damaging to our equipment, we ask that this is done minimally and with specific intention.

Is the dining room still self-serve?

We have made the decision to permanently switch to staff-service at the buffet, but our beverage service is still self-serve. Food is kept behind a plexiglass buffet cover, and staff will be wearing gloves at all times. Staff can wear masks upon request. All guests are reminded to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer before entering the dining room.

If preferred, our outdoor deck is available in fair weather. All of our chefs and cooks are fully trained as ServSafe certified food providers.

Guests can still bring their own supplemental food and snacks, but since they are placed in a shared refrigerator, we ask that you use zippered, labeled bags for storage, and wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer before retrieving items.

How are laundry and linens being handled?

For your arrival, each guest bedroom is prepared with a sanitized sheet set, blanket and bed coverlet. Laundry is covered while in storage. Our laundry service is generally compliant with standards set by OSHA.

What should I do if I suddenly do not feel well while at Guest House? What are your protocols if someone is experiencing Covid-19, cold, or flu-like symptoms?

Guests are asked to inform the emergency contact for their group if not feeling well. Should a guest begin to exhibit potential Covi-19, cold, or flu symptoms, they are asked to stay in their bedroom and notify the emergency contact for the group, who will alert a Guest House staff person. The guest will be supported to leave our site to seek more immediate, local medical care or to return home.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Send your questions to

Guest House Retreat Center