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2019 Newsletter – Volume 1

“From September 13 through 15, co-teachers and husband-and-wife Jeanine Mamary and Bob Ball return to Guest House for another weekend retreat. “On Being in Relationship” looks not only at couples, but explores the ways we can deepen any relationship—mother-daughter, employee-boss, brother-sister, etc.—and helps us see how we can use our relationships as tools for growth and development. It is about harnessing the inherent dynamism of our interactive relational field to reveal deeper and deeper dimensions of reality.

Jeanine and Bob’s own relationship with Guest House runs long and deep. In 2016, they held a very well-attended program called “On Being Human.” Bob has been coming here regularly once a year to teach the Emerald Mountain group, and he stayed on after that retreat last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of GH. This new “Relationship” program happened quite spontaneously. “Several years ago we were teaching a retreat together on another subject…”


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