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2018 Newsletter – Volume 2

“It’s been an amazing year at Guest House, as we celebrated our 10th anniversary! We commemorated this milestone with joy, gratitude and ritual. We’re happy as kids who just learned to ride a bicycle, and we’re looking at our beloved founder Alia Johnson, and saying, “Look! No hands!” Except, of course, that there have been many hands that helped us along the way, including yours, our donors’.

What do you support when you give? Fundamentally your own work in the world, of course. Guest House is a sacred container that holds your work and mirrors it back to you each time you return. You support great teachings, whether Diamond Approach or the wisdom of any of the myriad paths that intersect with the world through Guest House. You support the people who transmit these teachings. But this year we want to especially acknowledge the staff of GH, who graciously returns your support. Here’s one incredible way they did it this year…”


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